Mothership Adventures … join us for sea kayaking adventures on Vancouver Island, Desolation Sound, the Broughton Archipelago and Johnstone Strait, and the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia.

Unlike traditional camping based kayaking, our mothership takes us into remote places with our fast and stable double kayaks carried on board. We explore the remote wilderness areas of coastal British Columbia rarely visited by other kayakers. With our vessel's speed and range we are able to paddle in the more pristine areas which do not have natural campsites … and then cruise the beautiful inlets and anchor in quiet little coves.

Along with our qualified naturalist guides we'll kayak though beautiful glacial fed waters, amongst lushly forested islands dotted with ancient First Nations village sites, while observing orca killer whales, dolphins, harbour seals, black bear, bald eagles and deer. When the day ends, we'll return to the warmth and security of our mothership, The Columbia III, and begin an evening of gourmet food, conversation, laughter and relaxation.

There is no typical day on one of our mothership sea kayaking trips - every day is varied and different. Bring along a camera though to record the colors, reflections and breathtaking views you encounter as you paddle quietly across the calm waters of one of our magnificent fiords. Weave your way among tiny islets, exploring the shoreline close up in a manner which can only be achieved in a shallow craft. Depending on which area Columbia III is based you'll be treated to fantastic displays of wildlife; birds, seals, porpoises, orcas, black bears and deer. Onshore you'll be able to hike into the rain-forest or explore the shore life at a clamshell beach.

Surrounded by the towering snow-capped Coast Mountains and the lush evergreen slopes of East Redonda Island, Desolation Sound is situated in a truly spectacular setting. With its exceptionally warm waters and numerous islands, bays, and lagoons, it provides a perfect sea kayak experience. The Broughton Archipelago and Johnstone Strait Tour, set in the home of British Columbia's resident orca population, provides the ideal combination of coastal wilderness kayaking and spectacular wildlife viewing. We can easily travel to the untouched corners of the Broughton Archipelago (usually inaccessible by expedition kayakers) and position ourselves in 'the right place at the right time' for the most unforgettable wildlife encounters.

Set in the heart of British Columbia's wild central coast, our Kayak Tour to the Great Bear Rainforest offers some of the most stunning sea kayaking in the world. The diversity of landscapes, abundance of wildlife, and unlimited paddling routes makes the Great Bear Rainforest a truly superb sea kayaker's destination. Each day builds on the last as an understanding and appreciation of the significance of this untouched wilderness evolves. The Great Bear Rainforest is a place you will never forget. Instead you will long for more.

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