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Canoe the Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit with Pathways Canada Tours, the Original and Most Experienced Bowron Lakes Canoe Guides.

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Pathways Canada offers guided canoing trips of the Bowron Lakes. Located in the picturesque wilderness of British Columbia's Cariboo Chilcotin, the Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit is considered one of the top canoe trips in the world. And, Pathways Canada are the original and the most experienced Bowron Lakes canoe guides. Our number one commitment is to make sure that everyone who travels with us has the adventure vacation of a lifetime. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and enjoyment of this Canadian jewel - the Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit - and in the process establishing friendship bonds that far outlast the trip itself.

If you are planning to canoe the Bowron Lakes with a guide, Pathways Canada should be your choice. Besides being in the company of the best guides, at the end of the trip, you will have received canoeing instruction to prepare you for a canoe trip on your own - or to participate in our Yukon adventures.

Our guides at Pathways Canada will make sure that your Bowron Lake canoeing adventure, in the Cariboo, is filled with laughter and stories and that this unique Canadian experience will give you memories to last a lifetime.

Wildlife encounter on the Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit

Imagine nine lakes, each with a distinct personality, linked by a hundred kilometers of lazy rivers, grade 1 rapids and cascading waterfalls. Imagine mountains in the background, wispy morning mists - and an abundance of wildlife surrounding you. Skoi Lake is enchanting but short, hardly long enough to get a paddle wet. Isaac Lake, with its beautiful clear, blue-green colour, borders many avalanche chutes where we often spot bear or other wildlife. On Lanezi Lake, we canoe the shoreline which sneaks along under majestic, snow-capped mountains. Rum is a tiny sheltered gem bordered by wide beaches. Abundant wildlife and rich flora are set amidst a backdrop of azure lakes, cascading waterfalls, and high, glaciated peaks. Short stretches of fun, grade 1 rapids and chutes contrast with lazy river drifting. Even the weather, unpredictable and dramatic, adds to the picture. All the elements combine to provide a truly inspirational setting for the canoeist, photographer, and nature lover.

After forty years and well over 400 Bowron Lakes expeditions under their belts, Pathways Tours continues to maintain their love for the Bowron Lakes -- and their enthusiasm for sharing nature with others. Pathways is very proud of its tradition of excellence, its safety record, and its satisfied clients.

Pathways Canada Tours is a small company that prides itself on its guiding experience and personal service. We run only canoe expeditions and we run them in two areas: the Bowron Lakes and Yukon river. In 1974, we became the first company to run commercial canoe trips in Bowron Lakes Provincial Park, and we have been guiding on the Yukon rivers since 1980. At Pathways Tours, we take great care to make sure our guides reflect our love of the wilderness. We use the same guides year after year and all have extensive experience guiding Yukon rivers and the Bowron Lakes. Our guides have wilderness first aid certificates and Paddle Canada canoe instructors' certificates. We are the most experienced guides on the Bowron Lakes and believe our company runs the best trips.

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A Bowron Lakes Moose watching our canoes
Canoe on the lakeshore
Travelling the Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit
Scenic mountains, lake and canoe
Ashore on Bowron Lake
Unna Lake, BC
Cassa Mountains
Canoe the Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit with Pathways Canada Tours, the Original and Most Experienced Bowron Lakes Canoe Guides.